These are some (very) frequently asked questions I get about WMMT in general as well as some small bits of trivia about the game.

How do I get flames around my car? (Aura)

How do I get flames around my car? (Aura) An aura is earned on a car after it has been driven a total of 5000km. The aura gets bigger when you reach certain total distances:

The colour of the aura darkens as the mileage gets higher.

Currently, only in the Japanese version, any car with 1 million kilometers will have an aura that emits lightning, which looks pretty cool. I will post a video here once I’ve found a decent quality one.

Reference Video:

For some reason, certain cars like the 180SX and R35 have a taller aura than other cars.

Why does the screen flash red in certain courses while in Time Attack mode?

The red flashes in time attack are speed traps that trigger when you enter above a certain speed. They are meant to mimic the flash of a fixed speed camera.

In the game files, they are referenced by their colloquial name Orvis (オービス) , which is a common manufacturer of speed cameras in Japan.

Not all courses have red flashes. Some courses have speed traps that trigger an environmental change, such as shooting stars on Hakone at night, or flocks of birds in the morning.

What determines the colour of my flame aura?

The colour of the aura is determined by how you drive in versus mode.

Green Aura: Purple Aura: Blue Aura: Red Aura: Purple Aura: White Aura: