WMMT5DX Dress Up


Optional dress up parts were introduced with the release of WMMT3 and allow players to personalise their vehicles with the parts they like.

Parts are unlocked in order of shop grade. The previous 105 parts in WMMT5 are up to grade 35, but as of patch 2.10 there is 55 shop grades.

If you transfer from WMMT5 to 5DX with full dress up, your car will start at grade 35.

The following dress up parts list is for the current International version of WMMT5DX

WMMT5DX Japanese Dress Up System
WMMT5DX Japanese Dress Up System

WMMT5DX and its dress up system is dramatically different from the previous WMMT5 System.

Maxi G:

Maxi G (gold) is the new currency introduced in the Japanese version of WMMT5. It replaces the dress up bar earned when completing ghost battles, Japan Challenge, or Crown battles with a certain amount of Maxi G.
Level of opponent:2 Levels Lower:1 Level Lower: Same Level:Crown Or Revenge Ghost:Japan Challenge Area Clear:
If You Win:0500100015002000
If You Lose:00500500500

Shop Grade:

New to WMMT5DX is the addition of shop grades, which replace the traditional dress up meter from WMMT5 international version. Shop grades are earned as you earn Maxi G via ghost battles.

Every shop grade requires a certain amount of Maxi G to earn and unlock. When you earn a shop grade, you are given a predetermined present part, as well as 2 other predetermined parts that must be purchased with Maxi G to use.

Below is a list of all parts currently in the International version of WMMT5DX along with their corresponding prices and shop grade levels.

Shop Grade Unlock List:

Aero Parts Set:




Custom GT Wing: