WMMT5 Car Length And Width Ranking


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28 thoughts on “WMMT5 Car Length And Width Ranking

  1. Manh

    Hey in story mode I have to win 60 without losing but I only have 30 wins in story mode and I got the racing meter?. So is that a new update to the game cause I’m really confused

    • KINGU

      Well nope, you cant get it unless you finish 60 story undefeated ( 1 – 60 )… and also you will get the yellow tachometer, not racing meter because it is impossible to get a racing meter for now. The only way you can get it if you upgrade wmmt2 card undefeated to wmmt3 😀

    • Sam

      Hmm, I think that you did 30 wins in story mode back in MT 5 before progressing to MT 5DX(with an another 30 wins in story mode) and won the meter since the story mode progress (with consecutive wins are transferred over to 5DX) as well.

    • Luffy III

      Complete the 2nd Loop (60 chapters) again (no need for any consecutive wins) and you will get the soundtrack. Each loop is one soundtrack obtained. Good Luck!

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