Toyota 86 (ZN6)


Toyota 86 (ZN6)
Toyota 86 (ZN6)

Length: 4,240mm
Height: 1,300mm
Top Speed: 350km/h
Gears: 6 speed
Drivetrain: RWD
Engine in Cubic Centimeters: 1998cc

Stock colours:
Lightning Red
Crystal Black Silica
Sterling Silver Metallic
Satin White Pearl
Orange Metallic
Galaxy Blue Silica
Unlockable colours:
Order Of Unlock: Colour:
1st Dark Gray Metallic Toyota 86 First Unlockable Colour
2nd Light Yellow
3rd Dark Blue
4th Light Purple
5th Lime Green
6th Wine Red Metallic
7th Pale Blue 2 Metallic
8th Pale Pink
9th Gold Metallic
10th Blue Green Metallic
11th Mint Green
12th Olive
13th Dark Purple 2 Metallic
14th Light Red
15th Pale Blue
16th Green
17th Dark Orange Metallic
18th Bronze Metallic
19th Light Blue
20th Light Brown Metallic
21st Red
22nd Black
23rd Light Silver
24th Pearl White
25th Orange
26th Dark Purple 4
27th Yellow 3
28th Beige Metallic 2
29th Pale Green 2 Metallic
30th Light Blue 2

Video of colours: TBA

Dress Up:
None yet 🙁

Ratings (out of 5):
Top Speed: ✰✰✰
Handling: ✰✰✰✰✰
Acceleration: ✰✰✰✰
Battle: ✰✰✰✰✰

Being the 2nd half of the two newly introduced cars in the September 2015 update that saw Fukuoka extreme introduced also. The 86 is a very capable car with early indications showing that it can potentially break WR and easily top 100 in the TA rankings; a feat that is only achieved by the GTR35 and Cosmo 110s for newly introduced cars. Being the sister to the BRZ, there are very slight difference IRL between the two, being cosmetic and suspension difference, and in WMMT5 the difference between the two is much larger than that.

Top speed in the 86 is much like the BRZ, being that of EVO/WRX tier cars for this category. It doesn’t hold top speed as well as you would like it, however in all game modes other than boost off battles and TA, this is something that can be overlooked.

The handling on this car is a-maz-ing. Whilst to me it doesn’t feel as good as the RX7/RX8, it feels a lot better than the MX5. Smooth, responsive and keeps speed in corners, the 86 is responsive enough to recover from even the biggest of mistakes in corners. Early indications from TA runs have shown this car to have a lot of potential in the game despite having no dress up! This is a great alternative to the top tier meta cars and certainly a great car to drive no matter what mode of gameplay you’re into.

Acceleration is pretty good on this car. Slightly slower than the BRZ, I feel that it is something that can be overlooked because of the handling. Despite being slower, it still picks up amazingly well and is probably on the EVO8 category of acceleration.

Battling with the 86 is amazing; it has the perfect size, gears, weight and performance to make this car a true EVO killer. The only let down is the fact that you cannot customize it as you want it, which means that there will be cars and settings that hurt this car and settings that will see this car dominate quite heavily. Even with this let down, the 86 is a capable car of doing great things, and I would be surprised to see it not used in any tournament.

Great all around performance and handling for battle and time attack.
No dress up (Yet).
-Slightly small in length which may make it harder to get out ahead in battle.

The Toyota 86 is an amazing car, which saddens me because I picked the BRZ initially. It can do everything than an RX7 can with the battle ability of the Evo8/9/GTR32. This car is a refreshing surprise to the game, and I would certainly spend a lot of time on this car as its performance is something that this game needed – a new car to break into high level gameplay.

Based on the Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE86, the Toyota Celica, and the Toyota Supra.