Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR (CT9A)


Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR (CT9A)
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR GSR CT9A WMMT5

Length: 4490mm
Width: 1770mm
Height: 1450mm
Top Speed: 349km/h
Gears: 6
Drivetrain: AWD
Engine in Cubic Centimeters: 1998cc
Turbo Sound Type: Type B "Scchann"

Stock Colours:

White Pearl

Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Stock Colour White Pearl SOARS

Image by SOARS Team:

Medium Purplish Gray Mica

Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Stock Colour Medium Purplish Gray Mica SOARS

Image by SOARS Team:

Cool Silver Metallic

Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Stock Colour Medium Cool Silver Metallic SOARS

Image by SOARS Team:

Red Solid

Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Stock Colour Medium Red Solid SOARS

Image by SOARS Team:

Unlockable Colours:
Order Of Unlock: Colour:
1st Black
2nd Yellow
3rd Yellow Metallic
4th Blue
5th Dark Purple Metallic
6th Lime Green
7th Dark Pink
8th Orange
9th Pale Blue
10th Pale Pink
11th Blue Green Metallic
12th Purple Blue
13th Light Blue Metallic
14th Green 2
15th Olive
16th Beige Metallic
17th Light Purple
18th Pink Metallic
19th Dark Brown
20th Dark Orange Metallic
21st Pearl White
22nd Gray Metallic
23rd Silver
24th Red
25th Dark Orange 2 Metallic
26th Dark Green 2
27th Light Blue 2
28th Pale Green 2 Metallic
29th Beige Metallic 2
30th Pink 2
Dress Up:

Aero A (Level 1):

Similar to VALDI Sport aero. Front Mitsubishi badge gets deleted. Rear wing compared to the genuine becomes slightly larger, also part was carbon land made ​​in the body color and the same colour.
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero A FrontLancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero A Back

Aero B (Level 11):

Classic rally specification. Wing is the same as Aero A except that the wing is carbon.
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero B Front Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero B Back

Aero C (Level 24):

2005 WRC Aero kit. The rear differs slightly from the actual design but mostly accurate.
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero C FrontLancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero C Back

Aero D (Level 64):

Similar to CHARGE SPEED aero kit.
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero D FrontLancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero D Back

Aero E (Level 83):

APR Performance aero with added diffuser.
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero E Front 
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero E Back

Aero F (Level 98):

The front is similar to C-WEST aero, while the side skirts are similar to VALDI Sport aero. Adds twin exhaust tips. 
Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero F Front Lancer Evolution 9 CT9A Aero F Back

FRP Bonnet A (Bonnet with ducts) (Level 14):

FRP Bonnet B (Bonnet with ducts) (Level 76):

FRP Bonnet C (Bonnet with ducts) (Level 97):

Wing by car type A (Level 28):

Carbon Trunk (Level 70)

Wing by car type B (Level 102):

Manufacturer Sticker (Level 40):


Ratings (out of 5):
Top Speed: ✰✰✰
Handling: ✰✰✰
Acceleration: ✰✰✰✰
Battle: ✰✰✰✰✰

Highly regarded as one of the best battle cars in the series of Maximum Tune, the Mitsubishi Evolution 9 (E9 from here on) is a highly versatile machine. Whilst it does not have the weight of a GTR or the best top speed, it makes up for unparalleled acceleration that makes this car a forerunner for battlers, and is most often the first choice.

The size of the car is medium all round, with the perfect length to control blocking opponents as well as the perfect width to fit between side by side or truck by wall traffic, this car is an accomplished blocker with the right hands.

How this car behaves is essentially one of its best features; while it is no RX-7 or RX-8, it is in the next class of cars that handle itself with a certain degree of sensitivity and accuracy. If I had to put it bluntly it would be: ‘If you tell it to turn, stop, slide or grip, it will without question’.

But that’s not its greatest strength: that lies with its raw acceleration that seems to always come out in front of many opponents in 50/50 situations when you're side by side. Unless you have a GTR you are going to be quicker accelerating. This perhaps is one of the many reasons why this car is top tier, especially when you’re brake blocking. Much of the time you won’t be in 6th gear, and as such you will rely on the acceleration of the car for superiority during the race. This type of battles, fought in the lower to mid gears, is where the E9 truly shines as arguably the king of battle machines.

Whilst the top end isn’t the best, it doesn’t need to be unless you’re playing boost off and are on Wangan, or you’re an elite time attacker. Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune doesn’t really account for top speed during boost on battles and most of the time the boost will kick in quickly to catch up whether you lead or not. The only maps you will feel this deficit is on Yokohane, Minato or Wangan, with the disadvantage being very minimal. Top speed is the least of your concerns if you’re brake blocking.


- True balance in terms of size and ability, a true jack of all trades
- Dress up parts make this car look amazing
- The king of battles in many respects

- Too many around, everyone seems to have one of these
- No real strengths and can get very boring if you don’t push yourself to become better
- Its limited top speed can be a detriment in certain circumstances

Whilst the E9 is an amazing car (seriously it is awesome) , the fact that everyone uses this car makes it unappealing and quickly boring. Despite this, this is a car everyone must have or at least experience a couple of times. This car won’t magically make you a God Tier TA’er or a battle monster, but what it will do is hone your skills and provide you a great benchmark against your other cars, it’s the racer that wins – not the car.