WMMT Strength Aura, VS Grade, & Medals

Earning Medals:

Strength aura was added to WMMT5 international version at launch and is separate from star ranking. Strength aura and VS grade is decided by how many 'Medals' you have, and their total point value.

Medals are awarded for ranking in local versus battles. Gold gives you 5 points, silver gives you 3 points, bronze gives you 2 points, and black gives you 1 point.

Earning Medals:

The only way to earn a gold medal is to place 1st in a 4 player match. Coming last in a race, no matter how many players are participating, will always net you a black medal.

Coming 1st in a 3 player race will earn you a silver medal, and coming 1st in a 2 player race earns you a bronze medal.

medals and vs

VS Grade Point Values
VS Grade:Points Needed:
VS 1st Grade (Hawk 1)200
1st Grade Ace (Hawk 2)400
1st Grade Pro (Hawk 3)600
VS 2nd Grade (Snake 1)900
2nd Grade Ace (Snake 2)1100
2nd Grade Pro (Snake 3)1300
VS 3rd Grade (PitBull 1)1600
3rd Grade Ace (PitBull 2)1800
3rd Grade Pro (PitBull 3)2000
VS 4th Grade (Panther 1)2450
4th Grade Ace (Panther 2)2700
4th Grade Pro (Panther 3)2950
VS 5th Grade (Bull 1)3400
5th Grade Ace (Bull 2)3650
5th Grade Pro (Bull 3)3900
VS 6th Grade (Gorilla 1)4500
6th Grade Ace (Gorilla 2)4800
6th Grade Pro (Gorilla 3)5100
VS 7th Grade (Wolf 1)6000
7th Grade Ace (Wolf 2)6400
7th Grade Pro (Wolf 3)6800
VS 8th Grade (Mammoth 1)8400
8th Grade Ace (Mammoth 2)9000
8th Grade Pro (Mammoth 3)9600
VS 9th Grade (Panda 1)11900
9th Grade Ace (Panda 2)12700
9th Grade Pro (Panda 3)13500
VS 10th Grade (Lion 1)16500
10th Grade Ace (Lion 2)17500
10th Grade Pro (Lion 3)20000

Medal, Strength Aura, & Grade Calculator

Special thanks to Dare from wmexpressway.net for the excel code, and Jason for converting it to HTML.