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  1. defadera

    hai there. im wondering on how you can get the grade aura (1’st grade, 2’nd grade, and so on) i already have the 1’st grade but i don’t know how to get the second and so on. i’ll apreciate if you can reply

    • Myth✰

      Hello. Strength aura is recieved by completing versus battles, not ghost battles. You recieve medals based on your placing that have a point value. If you get 200 points, you get strength aura 1.

  2. Luffy III

    Hello. I have a query, I am around 60-70 wins straight and aiming for the red, blue and carbon meters (while avoid blowing the gaming budget). What are the best advice in getting through the 2nd loop and more with ease? How strong is the AI and the frequency of traffic around particular areas?

    I had to retire at certain points in particular chapters so I can avoid breaking the winning streak and starting all from scratch. So far I managed to get the yellow tachometer and the MT3, 3DX and 3DX+ soundtracks with the Toyota GT2000. If you win/lose the winning streak does it nullify the chance of getting the remaining soundtracks that were exclusive to the past series?

    Sorry about that but its been a while since I played this game after several errands and such involving gaming on my other consoles.

    • Myth✰

      Hello. When completing extra loops of story mode to gain the other racing meters, its important that you remain on a balanced setup no matter what. I recommend 720hp for all story episodes. The reason for this is because the computer AI only boosts up in front of you anyway. Having a balanced setting allows you to have better handling and therefore you have less chance to make mistakes. At about 5km to go, you’ll notice most of the AI start to slow down. They will always give you ample time to pass at the end, with the exception of the last story, as the devil Z will not slow down by much, so you need to make sure you’re in front when he starts to creep forward.

      As your rank increases, so does the traffic count, but it rarely affects too much. If you lose a story but complete the loop, you will still get the soundtrack, but not the racing meter. Only the racing meter requires undefeated.

      Its a good idea to retire if you are unsure of your win. So keep doing that. otherwise, just drive very safe, stay away from AI, take zero risks, and run 720hp. Hope that helps!

  3. Jason (N8*M8)

    I have a question on the custom number plates. I’ve seen some car with custom number plates on youtube which have different number plates to the rest like [·····8] is that because they are on the Japanese version or is there a way of obtaining them? And how are number plate frames obtained thanks.

    • Myth✰

      Hello. unfortunately for now this is a Japanese exclusive thing that they are able to customise the numbers on their licence plate. At the moment in the International version all the licence plates reference the engine size of the stock vehicle in CC (Cubic Centimetres). For example, most EVOS licence plates will say 19:98 , reffering to the 2 litre engine of the stock EVOS.

  4. Kelvin Lim

    Hi There.
    I wanna ask about the meters.
    I am now at story 293 without lost. So I got carbon meter by now.
    If I completed until story 300, will I get more meters?

  5. ayto

    Hello :), first thanks alot for yout website it help a lot, i have a question about the aura, i reach 5000km with my audi r8 and i got the aura then i reach 10000km but it had a little effect, even now im at 15000km, the km doesnt affect the aura? it’s really about the medals only? thanks for your help 🙂

    • Myth✰

      Hello. Thank you for your support and readership.

      If we are talking about the coloured flame aura that appears once your car hits 5000km, then yes, the amount of kms affects how big it is. It is widely believed that every 5000km, the aura grows a little bit. But in the current version of WMMT5, the aura increases when you reach the following mileages:


      So at 30000km your Audi’s aura will grow larger. Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • Ayto

        Thank you so much for your reply, I will keep an eyes on the km then :), I want to ask yo some questions , since I can’t mount part on my Audi, can I still win the “race meter” for that Audi r8? And last question I reach the Japan challenge X7, do you know if there is a reward at 10 Jp challenger completed?

        • Myth✰

          Hello. Yes special racing meters are still available for cars without dressup. You just obtain them through story mode normally since they are not considered part of dressup, nor are custom name plates.

          As for Japan challenge, I’m pretty sure the last reward you get is the last exclusive Japan sticker at 5x Japan Challenge loops. From there, any more completed loops will result in a rank up, not entirely sure of when though.

          Hope that helps! Don’t hesitate to ask more questions 🙂

          • Ayto

            Cool, then I just have to finish one chapter without loosing? (1 chapter = 5race)? Thanks for always replying , as far as I can say) I’m now at X7 Japan challenge and I only got rank up quickly) nothing else 🙂

          • Myth✰

            You need to have 60 wins in a row. So you have to complete story mode without losing. Doing another loop after that will unlock another meter.

            Hope that helps!

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