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  1. Aimxn

    Hi , i would like to ask you about racing meter . My evo is already lose in 1 story mode . Can i get the rest of racing meter ? Which mean red blue and carbon . Can you detail me how to get other meter and how many wins should i know . Thanks

    • Luffy III

      Oh yes, the defeat… I had that experience with my HiAce file, 1 defeat at that chapter with Yamamoto and Reina… You must complete the game (60 chapters) without being defeated (the opponent DOES NOT cross the finish line), if you are defeated, your current winning streak will go to 0 and you won’t get the tachometers. You have to complete the loop but you will still get the soundtracks as it requires you only to complete the game’s loop. Then you can start to recover the winning streak.

      60 wins = Yellow
      120 wins = Red
      180 wins = Blue
      240 wins = Carbon

      When you start a new car file or using a disused car, be sure to turn on the retire option on if you’re going for the tachometers.

      If you are unsure about your advantage in the race, be sure to retire asap by driving in the wrong way and at the right time as there is a 3 second rule to a successful retire. However, you can still lose if the opponent crosses the finish line while you’re still doing the retire. If you do a successful retire for 3 seconds driving in the wrong way, you keep the consecutive wins, if a person challenges you into a local arcade VS race and you win/lose, you will still keep the consecutive wins as it applies to story mode only. Follow these tips, practice, play it safe by avoiding the AI and the traffic, take no risks and you should be fine!

      Hope this helps!

      Good luck!

  2. Leo

    Hi! I’ve got a question regarding the name plates for the online challenge. Lets just say I missed the online challenge and didn’t get the name plates, and the event happen to be ended, is there any other ways to obtain those name plates?

    • Myth✰

      Hello. Unfortunately for the moment there is no way to get plates you missed out on. Perhaps this will change when wmmt5dx is released.

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