WMMT5DX+ Time Attack Car Ranking


The table below displays the rank of every car in the Japanese version of WMMT5DX+ time attack rankings and their best times on every course.

Each car is given a score depending on how many milliseconds away from the top time they are. A score of 0 means that car currently has the best time for the course.

The lower the score on every map, the higher the car is ranked over.

Keep in mind that some cars rank lower than others because of lack of representation or popularity of those vehicles. It may not reflect the actual potential of the car.

Big thanks to Jeffery from idrankings.com for allowing me to use his awesome time attack ranking table.

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-Optimal HP Settings For TA
Course:HP Setting:Step Setting (R35)
C1 Inward720HP/BP: 16 H: 16
C1 Outward700HP/BP: 15 H: 17
Yaesu Line (Inward)700HP/B P: 15 H: 17
Yaesu Line (Outward)700HP/B P: 15 H: 17
Ikebukuro Line/Yamate Tunnel700HP/B P: 15 H: 17
Shibuya Line680/G P: 14 H: 18
New Belt Line (Counter-Clockwise)760HP/D P: 18 H: 14
New Belt Line (Clockwise)830HP/DG P: 22 H: 10
Wangan Line Eastbound830HP/DG P: 22 H: 10
Wangan Line Westbound830HP/DG P: 22 H: 10
Yokohane Line Upward830HP/DG P: 22 H: 10
Yokohane Line Downward830HP/DG P: 22 H: 10
Metro Highway (Kanagawa)830HP/DG P: 22 H: 10
Metro Highway (Tokyo)760HP/D P: 18 H: 14
Hiroshima Expressway640HP/HGP: 12 H: 20
Hanshin Expressway Loop Line (Osaka)760HP/D P: 18 H: 14
Hanshin Expressway R3/Harbor Road640/HGP: 12 H: 20
Hakone Outbound760HP/D P: 18 H: 14
Hakone Inbound760HP/D P: 18 H: 14
Nagoya High Speed Ring800HP/DG P: 20 H: 12
Fukuoka Urban Expressway720HP/BP: 16 H: 16
Minato Mirai (Inward)800HP/DG P: 20 H: 12
Minato Mirai (Outward)800HP/DG P: 20 H: 12
Hakone (Mount Taikan) Up760HP/D P: 18 H: 14
Hakone (Mount Taikan) Down720HP/BP: 16 H: 16