WMMT5DX Launches In Japan – Harbor Road Footage

Screenshot WMMT5DX Kobe Tower Kawasaki World HANSHIN EXPRESSWAY NO.3 HARBOR ROAD

WMMT5DX is now live in Japan and videos of the new content have started to surface, most notably the new course, Harbor Road No.3.

You might remember back in October I tried to map out certain parts of the new course based on two teaser images. It turns out I was pretty accurate as many of the places I pointed out on Google Maps actually appear in Harbor Road No.3.

The video above is a guest run of the time attack course. It’s unknown at the moment if there are several starting points for battle, but the course is 19.1km in length for a full circuit, making it the third longest single time attack course without counting Metro Tokyo and Kanagawa circuit.

There are no branching paths, but the course itself is very twisty and has abrupt changes in width with obstacles such as bridge dividers and tollbooths. I would guess this map would be best run at 720hp due to the shortness of the straightaways, and the abundance of technical sections resulting in a lower speed range overall.

I’m very excited to hopefully see this course sometime in the International version of WMMT5DX, which at the moment does not have a release date. What do you think about the new course?

Update: A Japanese time attacker has uploaded a video of a very solid Harbor Road No.3 run at 700hp with a time of 4:11.156 .The setting doesn’t surprise me too much considering the technical nature of the course. It will be interesting to see how quickly that time will fall. 4 minutes for a time attack is a longer time than usual for most courses. Will update if a better video becomes available.

Update 2: Current record on the new Japanese time attack ranking is 4:07.635 with an EVO8. Knowing that, I expect the time to fall even further.

WMMT5DX New Course Info: Hanshin Expressway No.3 Harbor Road

New DX splash WMMT5DX

The Japanese teaser site for the upcoming WMMT5DX was updated today to show off a nice logo redesign, and two screenshots of an upcoming course; “Hanshin Expressway No.3 Harbor Road”.

Don’t be fooled by the name, this is not an extension of the current Hanshin Expressway in the heart of Osaka. This new course is roughly 30km away, and runs through to Kobe Port in the Hyogo prefecture.

Using the 2 screenshots on the teaser site I was able to locate the stretch of highway that the new course would be based on.
Screenshot WMMT5DX Kobe Tower Kawasaki World
The first one was pretty simple to find due to the well known Kobe landmarks shown in the screenshot.
Kobe Tower near Hamate Bypass
This highway is ‘Hamate Bypass‘ that runs alongside Kobe Port which features Kobe Tower, Kawasaki world, Kobe Harbor Land Ferris Wheel in the background, and well known hotels. On the right hand side of the screenshot we get a small look at what looks to be a giant fish with scales. Although obscured in the screenshot, this is actually ‘Cafe Fish!’ A harborside seafood restaurant.
Screenshot WMMT5DX Kobe Bridge
The second screenshot was a little harder due to a lack of landmarks.
Kobe Ohashi Bridge Screenshot Streetview
This is Kobe Ohashi Bridge that runs over Osaka Bay and the Ishiyagawa estuary about 6 kilometres away from the first screenshot. It’s on the same connected highway before reaching the bypass.
Harbour Road 3This road is called Kowan Kansen road or Harbor Road, which is the stretch of toll road that links Kobe Port and surrounding areas to the Hanshin Expressway No.3 toll road that runs alongside it.
Ground Level Offramp
A bit further up from the Hamate Bypass screenshot, we are lead to an offramp and drive on ground level. There are very few times in WMMT that you drive anywhere near ground level, so this is pretty interesting.
Osaka Kobe Tollbooth Killspot
A few kilometres ahead of Kobe Ohashi Bridge we get to this nightmare of a tollbooth right at the exit of a corner! If this makes it into the final course, this will be an absolutely prime kill spot for ramming.
Plotted Path Kobe Facing North
For your reference, here is an overhead map with the points of interest I’ve covered below. The entire stretch of Harbor Highway is about 10.8km.
New DX splash WMMT5DX
While not exactly the same as the real road, it’s fairly true to life. The developers have always changed small parts of a map to make it more visually interesting and more challenging to drive. According to the teaser site, there is still one more update on WMMT5DX to be posted. I wonder what they’ll reveal next?

Thanks for reading!

Toyota 86 And Subaru BRZ Comparison Video


I had a discussion with fellow MT.org contributer Mikey from the fkNSRS channel about the pros and cons of the newest cars in international version; the Subaru BRZ and the Toyota 86.

And then we ramble on a little about the metagame of WMMT as it currently stands, and what we’d like to see in future updates.

Apologies for the audio quality, it’s a recorded Skype call and sometimes the audio goes weird for a second.

If you enjoyed this video, consider giving it a thumbs up, as it really helps us out.

Regarding the September 17th WMMT5 International Update


A new WMMT5 international update has been announced today on the official English website, slated to be released on the 17th of September, 2015.
Fukuoka Extreme 1
The update adds the Fukuoka Urban Expressway extreme course, as well as the Subaru BRZ, and the Toyota FT-86.
Fukuoka Extreme 2
Fukuoka in reverse is sure to be really interesting. It’s essentially a circuit like Osaka or Nagoya, but the undulating corners and huge elevation differences is sure to make for a lot of kill spot opportunities and possibly jumps. Horsepower settings will probably be the same, although there may be more uphill sections requiring a slightly higher setting.
Toyota FT-86 (ZN6)
Length: 4,240mm
Width: 1,775mm
Height: 1,300mm
Maximum Speed: 350km/h

If the BRZ and the FT-86 are the same as they are in the Japanese version, expect a couple of differences between the two. They are both the same size wise, they both have a top speed of 350km/h, which is above average, and they both have 6 gears. The FT-86 is slidey, but has better boost recovery, while the BRZ is more grippy, but has less boost recovery. Similar to the differences between the EVO 8 and 9.Subaru BRZ (ZC6)
While this is a cool update, many have lamented the fact that the BRZ and the FT-86 do not have dress up parts, while the Japanese version does. It’s slightly disappointing, especially since it’s a car that we know has full dress up on the Japanese version.

My theory is that the choice of cars for this update is in response to the demand (and popularity) for the BRZ and FT-86, while adding a new extreme course, which Japan already has. With 5DX on the way for the Japanese version, giving them the rest of the cars and content that was exclusive to the international version, I imagine that we’ll get a DX update that will add dress up to the BRZ and FT-86 as well as the Japanese content that the international version is missing, like C2 and the Maxi G system.

Keep in mind that the development team for the international version (and even the Japanese version) is actually quite small, and deploying content worldwide takes time. Deploying content to a single country is much easier, especially since its the country of origin.

Back in the days of WMMT3, you had to wait for a major update to get anything new because the machines weren’t connected to the internet, and it was harder and took longer to deploy software to arcades. Sure you got small revisions for bug fixes and stuff, but now the revisions have the opportunity to add small bits of content like this one.

So I say to those who are disappointed with the lack of dress up on the BRZ and FT-86; be patient. The 3DX+ international version was in parity to the Japanese version, minus the Gemballa Porsches for licencing reasons, and the same will happen with WMMT5. Thanks for reading!