International WMMT5 Hakone Extreme December Update – WMMT5DX Japan Release Date


The December update for the International version of WMMT5 adds Hakone Extreme and launches on December 10th, 2015. Hakone Extreme WMMT5The update according to the official English website only seems to add Hakone Extreme to the lineup of extreme courses.
Hakone Extreme WMMT5 2Unlike every other extreme course to come before it, Hakone Extreme is actually a mirrored version of inbound and outbound, since they share the same road. So all left corners are right corners, and vice versa.

Although there’s no traffic, its bound to feel like a completely different course when mirrored. The Japanese version of the game has had Hakone Extreme for quite some time, but its good to see us still getting updates before the next major update to come with WMMT5DX.
WMMT5DX Japan Release Date
Speaking of WMMT5DX, the Japanese version release date has been announced on the Official teaser website. WMMT5DX will launch in Japan on December 15th, 2015! There is no current information about the International release of WMMT5DX, but if the release of the older games was anything to go by, we may be in for a 5 or 6 month wait.

Its really hard to tell since we got WMMT5 not long after the Japanese version was released, but our version is very different from the Japanese version, and has been since WMMT4. We will have to wait and see what updates the international version will receive, and what WMMT5DX will change.