WMMT5DX Cabinet Pictures & Site Updates


Today we were surprised by a Facebook post from WMMT Series Producer Kazuhiro Maeda, showing off a twin set of WMMT5DX machines along with a terminal and a short message.
WMMT5DX Japanese Cabinet First Look

“もうすぐです! “Coming soon!
お楽しみに!!” “Look forward to it!!”

I gotta say, the logo redesign along with the purple (pink?) colour scheme looks fantastic. I doubt that all of the arcades serving International version WMMT will get the upgraded signage, since as far as we know it’s just a software update and every dollar counts in the dying arcade business. It should also be mentioned that this machine is a prototype, and may not actually resemble the final product. Also confirmed by Maeda himself, renaming your cards is not possible, only a mass transfer of your existing save data.

This news however raises a bigger discussion regarding the state of the international versions of the game. There’s obviously large differences between international and Japan versions. We were served a fairly different version of WMMT5 and to a lesser extent WMMT4 in both content and graphical style.

I think a lot of the disparity between the versions is mostly due to the difficulty of deploying new software on an international scale, compared to a single country. I’ve mentioned this in previous posts about how difficult it is for a small dev team to keep track of different software versions, especially in the arcade. It would be a bigger problem if the hardware was different, which as far as I know, it isn’t. So the upgrade to 5DX and hopefully catching up with the Japanese version will simply be a software update. We can only hope and wait.

Just as a small footnote, I just wanted to apologise for the lack of site updates. I’ve been really busy at the end of the year with other commitments. I’ll be updating the site and making more video content once I’m past all of that. Thanks so much everyone who continues to watch and read our content, we are very grateful!