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598 thoughts on “Got A Question?

    • Sam

      Taken from @AL said about the S15:
      “Average car, but usable for all players. FR platform with higher tendency to slide out/lose grip.
      Contact ability improved from previous installments.”
      Due to the slidey nature of the vehicle, it’s recommended to use throttle control when passing through corners. Straight line stability is poor once the vehicle reaches high speed but overall it’s a vehicle that beginners of the game can even use(considering the fact they can get used to its playstyle etc)

    • Sam

      My estimation for WMMT 5DX+ Intl version with reference to Japan getting them a year after receiving MT 5DX, might be in the 3rd quarter of 2017, or maybe early next year since Bandai Namco hasn’t given us any detail or teasers regarding to the Intl version being out yet.

    • Al

      Finish your current story loop (where you lost at stage 50+), then finish the next loop (story 61-120) without losing.

      OSTs of previous series are given once you finish a story loop regardless of win streak.

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