WMMT5DX+ International Features Rundown

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 5DX+ INT logo
Do the new cars have dress up?
Well, kind of. Its getting a little complicated in terms of what actually gets dress up and what doesn't. Below is a list of the new cars and their specific dress up limitations. WMMT5DX+ Lamborghini Aventador WMMT5DX+ Honda NSX NC1WMMT5DX+ Lamborghini Countach WMMT5DX+ Honda NSX NA1
Are Maxi Net Services Available?
Currently no. But the terminal has been updated with 2 buttons that give us hope that it may be introduced in a future patch.
WMMT5DX+International First Patch Terminal

Photo: Kevin B.

WMMT5DX+International First Patch Terminal

Photo: Kevin B.

New Course: Hiroshima Expressway

WMMT5DX+ Hiroshima Expressway Course Overview

Hiroshima expressway was one of the biggest announcements to come out of Japan during their 5DX+ release. The course comes to us with both its day and night forms available right from the start, and man, what a beautiful course!

Hiroshima marks the second 640hp/HG map since Kobe barely a year ago with the release of DX.

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