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Its happening! This is not a drill! The WMMT5DX English page is finally live and it doesn't dissapoint. This article will be updated and completed shortly. I've just been really busy recently. Stay tuned!

Below is a list of confirmed changes, features, and content in WMMT5DX English version patch 2.10.

Will the new cars have dress up?
Yes. All of the new cars will have full dress up. Furthermore, cars that previously didn't have dress up like the GT86, BRZ, 190E, SLS, and others will all recieve full dress up...Except the R35.
Are Maxi Net Services Available?
Currently no. But may be introduced in a future patch.
How does the new Dress Up system work?
This is probably the single biggest change in WMMT5DX. The new dress up system is perhaps the biggest change since the implementation of customisable dressup itself in WMMT3. Below is a full explanation of all the changes.

Maxi G:

Maxi G (Gold) is the new currency earned by playing online ghost battle.

Shop Grades:

Shop grades replace the dress up level bar from WMMT5. There are currently 55 dress up levels as of patch 2.10. If you are at max dress up level 105 on your car on transfer, you will start at shop grade 35, from shop grade 35 onwards are all new dress up parts.

3 New Courses

Kobe Area 'Hanshin Expressway R3 / Harbor road':
WMMT5DX English Version Hanshin Expressway R3 Harbor Road Course Map

After seeing this course teased on the Japanese website and doing a full article on it last year, it makes me so much more excited to know that we are going to be able to play it very soon! This is sure to be an insane course in every respect thanks to its unique layout and numerous kill spots for ramming in battle.

Time Attack HP: 640/HG

Sub-center Area 'Shibuya / Shinjuku Line'

WMMT5DX English Version Shibuya Shinjuku Line Course Map

Time Attack HP: 680/G

'Ikebukuro Line Yamate Tunnel'

WMMT5DX English Version Ikebukuro Line Yamate Tunnel Course Map
Time Attack HP: 700/B

11 New Cars:

WMMT5DX English Version Car Lineup 1st Update

BMW Z4 sDrive35is (E89)
Chevrolet Corvette STINGRAY (C2)
Mercedes SLK350 BlueEFFICIENCY (R172)
RUF Rt35
Subaru LEVORG 2.0GT-S EyeSight (VMG)
Subaru  WRX STI (GVB)
Mazda RX-3 (S124A)

63 thoughts on “WMMT5DX English Page Live! – Updates & Features Explained

    • Myth✰

      Hello. I’m not entirely sure which background you’re referring to, but if you’re talking about the terminal background, you unlock them by receiving stamps from players in ghost battle. If this isn’t what you were referring to, let me know :).

  1. yuri

    If a car is fully dressed up to 105, and is level 35, in order to reach 36, would he need 4,000 G? I’m making a table to help those who completed their DU.

  2. williamthegreat

    As we knew about maxi g which acumulated to one banapass where we are really happy about, there is one thing i’d like to ask about since there is no release date yet in my country…
    Is maxi shop grade to be acumulated or it will be “per car”?
    If someone who know about this please reply…

    • Myth✰

      Shop grade is earned per car, but often in the maxi shop there will be items on sale that you can purchase which are a higher shop grade than you have currently. Also your dress up level carries over. If you have full dress up in WMMT5 you will start at grade 35.

      • williamthegreat

        Urr… Then, if i start from lvl 35, how many race to make the gauge full to lvl 36?
        Sorry if i ask too much…

        • Myth✰

          No problem. I’ll put up a table on the dress up page, but you earn shop grades by earning maxi G.

          Levels 1-10 are 1000g per level
          Levels 11-20 are 2000g per level
          Levels 21-30 are 3000g per level
          Levels 31-40 are 4000g per level
          Levels 41-50 are 5000g per level
          Levels 51-55 are 6000g per level

          Hope that helps!

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