8th International OCM Hakone Mount Taikan Information

International 8th Hakone Mount Taikan OCM WMMT5
8th Online Championship Match (Hakone Mount Taikan Up)
What is OCM?
Qualification & Main Draw Times
OCM Ghost Info
Qualifier Advantage Distances/Time

The 8th International Online Championship Match for Hakone Mount Taikan has been announced to start on the 27th of May. The course is the formidable Taikan Upwards route.

The sudden announcement of this OCM right after Japan's Taikan OCM is indicative of what we've been hoping will happen. That we can catch up with Japan and finally jump onto WMMT5DX.

Its unknown at the moment how long the OCM will go for, but this post will be updated when the information becomes available. Below is all the information you need for the event.

What is OCM?

Online Championship match, or OCM, is a special event where players from around the world race a computer ghost on a set course.

This ghost is raced during the "Qualifying Period".

The player with the highest advantage in metres over the ghost then becomes the number one ghost to beat at the start of the main draw.

The main draw ghost then gets updated 3 times a day until the end of the event. The top 100 ranking get a special plate only available to top 100 placers.

Qualification & Main Draw Times

Qualifying Period:
From 27/May/2016 6:00am - 12/June/2016 12:00am (Japan Time) 

Main Draw Period:
From 12/June/2016 6:00am - 19/June/2016 1:00pm (Japan Time)

It seems that the shortened times weren't a typo as we thought for Yaesu OCM. This gives us very little time to actually compete in this OCM.  I reccomend people convert the times above to their local time so they do not miss out.

No doubt Namco Bandai is trying to get the Taikan OCM out of the way for the release of WMMT5DX in international regions.  

OCM Ghost Info

Qualifier Ghost:
International 8th Hakone Mount Taikan OCM WMMT5 Qualifying Ghost Info

Main Draw Gameplay:

Qualifier Advantage Distances/Time

999m advantage: TBA

1100m advantage: 2"54"2xx

Cheers to Dim Kozi for the figures obtained from the video below:

Qualifying Plates:

International 8th Hakone Mount Taikan OCM WMMT5 Qualifying Plates mt

Main Draw Participation Plates:

International 8th Hakone Mount Taikan OCM WMMT5 Main Draw Plates MT

Bonus Game Braking Zones:

The braking section is mirror matched with where you end up stopping. So just brake when it's lined up with corresponding zone.

Hakone Mount Taikan Up Time Attack Video:

13 thoughts on “8th International OCM Hakone Mount Taikan Information

  1. Kuniyoshi

    Hey, I was watching some of the japanese 5dx videos, and had realised that some had the mammoth/elephant plate, but instead of gold it was black. Any ideas how to get them? Also, there are also new tachometers for 5dx, being metal, and red/blue meter 2, do I need to do another story loop to unlock them? And also I heard rumours around there being a pink tachometer and also a camo (G-Shock) tachometer, is this confirmed or is this just a “MYTH✰” >_< *sorry :P*

    • Myth✰

      Hello. These coloured variants of previous OCM gold plates are from extra events in Japan that we haven’t done yet. I assume once 5dx comes out we will get to do these events.

      I haven’t seen a pink tacho, but there is definitely a camo meter available. The new meters in 5DX are gained mostly by story mode events, but you no longer need to start at story one, you only need to get a win streak of a certain amount of wins in story.

      • Kuniyoshi

        So I have currently got a win streak of 240 (for carbon), assuming all the new tach requires less than a 240 streak, I will unlock them every single time I play? or is it that I only unlock them at certain parts of story mode? (from the top of my head, beating the Tezuka JAPAN guy who “I’m GONNA BLOCK YOU!!!”)

        Once again, cheers for the quick answers

  2. JACK*


      • JACK*

        Yeah man…but it’s unlikely…

        The website said the Maxi G is accumulated from all of the cars you have into a total amount

        • Darrel

          That’s what I’m saying. By the way, are you the guy behind the SS Ranked GDB-C named JACK? I tried beating you but I failed by a hair.

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