7th International OCM Yaesu Line Information

WMMT5 International 7th OCM Yaesu Line
7th Online Championship Match (Yaesu Inward)
What is OCM?
Qualification & Main Draw Times
OCM Ghost Info

The 7th International Online Championship Match has been announced to start on the 8th of April. This may very well be the last OCM before the big upgrade to WMMT5DX. Below is all the information you need for the event.

What is OCM?

Online Championship match, or OCM, is a special event where players from around the world race a computer ghost on a set course.

This ghost is raced during the "Qualifying Period".

The player with the highest advantage in metres over the ghost then becomes the number one ghost to beat at the start of the main draw.

The main draw ghost then gets updated 3 times a day until the end of the event. The top 100 ranking get a special plate only available to top 100 placers.

Qualification & Main Draw Times

Qualifying Period:
From 8/April/2016 6:00am to 24/April/2016 12:00am Midnight 
/Japan Time (GMT+9)

Main Draw Period:
From 24/April/2016 6:00am to 1/May/2016 11:00pm
/Japan Time (GMT+9)

It should be noted that the ending time of 1pm for the main draw on the website is more than likely a typo. Most likely the ending time is actually 11pm Japan Time which is more in line with previous ocms.  

OCM Ghost Info

7th Yaesu OCM Qualifying Ghost Info

At 680/G, the Stingray seems pretty easy to beat. Interesting to see 720hp being chosen by the player even though 700hp is optimal for TA.

The setting will definitely change in the main draw as cushioning the number one ghost becomes more and more important. There's lots of sharp corners to cushion on, so you can expect so really fast exits out of the first right corner especially.

Time Zone Conversions:

Qualifying Start Dates:

Qualifying End Dates:

Main Draw Start Dates:

Main Draw End Dates:

Qualifying Plates:

WMMT5 International 7th OCM Yaesu Line Qualifying Plates

Main Draw Participation Plates:

WMMT5 International 7th OCM Yaesu Line Main Draw Plates

Bonus Game Braking Zones:

The braking section is mirror matched with where you end up stopping. So just brake when it's lined up with corresponding zone.

Yaesu Inward Time Attack Video:

Now is the time to brush up on your Yaesu!

12 thoughts on “7th International OCM Yaesu Line Information

  1. Darrel

    Here are the list of cars that can make it on the top ranks! (Just a guess)

    FD3S, RX-8, Evo 8, Evo 9, R32, AE86, S30, NCEC, 110S, 86 ZN6, MR2, and Evo 5. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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