An Update: Site News And Future Projects


Hello readers of, Myth here. I just wanted to write a quick update to hopefully answer some questions and concerns that people have concerning the site and the infrequent updates.

So Myth, when are you gonna do more videos?

I hate to answer with just 'soon', but yeah, soon. On top of some personal stuff taking up a lot of my time, I get even less time to record voiceovers and edit videos together, because my current living situation isn't really conducive to making video content.

In fact, this update article was supposed to be an update video. I know that a lot of you (myself included) would rather watch or listen to a well put together video without having to read block text about how im not making videos. More videos are coming soon. If you have suggestions for the MT org YouTube videos. Let me know!

Hey Myth, why is the site so inconsistently designed? Why is the car page so incomplete?

This is partly due to both inexperience with site design on my part, and me underestimating the scope of this project. The moment I saw the amount of information I needed to fill in on JUST the car page, it was very confronting.

Of course it will all be done in time, but I feel terrible knowing how many views this site gets per day (average of 700 per day) and having it be some shitty half baked blog

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Only now have I found out that these stupid click to expand buttons I use everywhere on the site don't seem to work at all on iPhones using Safari. These are all going to be removed so I apologise for those affected!

Thanks to the positive reception and support from the WMMT community, I've finally started to pour some money into the site so that the site is easier to use and more functional. 

You might notice on this post and some pages that I've started to use this fancy layout which will eventually be implemented into the upcoming new theme. I hope you like it!

What happened to that mobile app you were making?
Mt comp app loading

Splash Screen Mockup

This is absolutely still going ahead and we plan to release it within the year.

Initially, the app was supposed to be a fully offline version of our site, but due to the incomplete nature of the site currently, and its layout changes, we decided to focus the app on saving and recording car stats and data. More details to come!

I have a question for people who use and enjoy my content:

What do you want to see on

For YouTube I plan on uploading raw battle footage to fill in the gaps for the more professionally edited content, but I'm not entirely sure what you guys would like to see.

I understand groups like SOARS already produce high quality content, but what would you guys like to see from us specifically? Im open to any and all suggestions!

Let me know what you guys think. Thanks everyone for reading!

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