WMMT5DX Launches In Japan – Harbor Road Footage

Screenshot WMMT5DX Kobe Tower Kawasaki World HANSHIN EXPRESSWAY NO.3 HARBOR ROAD

WMMT5DX is now live in Japan and videos of the new content have started to surface, most notably the new course, Harbor Road No.3.

You might remember back in October I tried to map out certain parts of the new course based on two teaser images. It turns out I was pretty accurate as many of the places I pointed out on Google Maps actually appear in Harbor Road No.3.

The video above is a guest run of the time attack course. It’s unknown at the moment if there are several starting points for battle, but the course is 19.1km in length for a full circuit, making it the third longest single time attack course without counting Metro Tokyo and Kanagawa circuit.

There are no branching paths, but the course itself is very twisty and has abrupt changes in width with obstacles such as bridge dividers and tollbooths. I would guess this map would be best run at 720hp due to the shortness of the straightaways, and the abundance of technical sections resulting in a lower speed range overall.

I’m very excited to hopefully see this course sometime in the International version of WMMT5DX, which at the moment does not have a release date. What do you think about the new course?

Update: A Japanese time attacker has uploaded a video of a very solid Harbor Road No.3 run at 700hp with a time of 4:11.156 .The setting doesn’t surprise me too much considering the technical nature of the course. It will be interesting to see how quickly that time will fall. 4 minutes for a time attack is a longer time than usual for most courses. Will update if a better video becomes available.

Update 2: Current record on the new Japanese time attack ranking is 4:07.635 with an EVO8. Knowing that, I expect the time to fall even further.

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