WMMT5 Test Locations In North America!


A pleasant surprise for North American WMMT fans, two WMMT5 test locations have been discovered at Dave & Buster’s in Denver, Colorado and Camelot Golfland in Anaheim, California. Both test locations have 4 machines with a terminal.

They are currently connected to the internet, but only North American ghosts can be found. Furthermore, because these are test locations, only 5 cars can be added onto a Banapass at this time.

NA Attract Screen WMMT5

Thanks to FrostBight on wmeforums and Sam Porcaro, administrator of the NA WMMT community FB group for  the resources and pictures.

NA Test Location CGL Anaheim

NA Test Location Camelot GolfLand, Anaheim

The good news is that the machines are on the latest international update (update 9), so North America isn’t missing out on anything except international time attack rankings and ghost battle. Also at the moment at least at Camelot Golfland test location, the game seems to be relatively cheap at $1 (USD) per game, and $2 (USD) to buy a banapass.

While this is fantastic news, this is a very crucial time for the North American WMMT community. If you want these machines to stay, you need to support the game and the venues in any way you can. They’ve taken a gamble on very expensive machines with a fairly niche audience. The easiest way is just to play (a lot) and treat the machines with respect.

People interested in networking with players in North America should consider joining some of the groups listed below:

North American Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune Community Facebook Group

Wangan Midnight Expressway Forums

I’m really happy for the small but dedicated player base NA offers. Lets hope more test locations surface and thrive.

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