Regarding the September 17th WMMT5 International Update


A new WMMT5 international update has been announced today on the official English website, slated to be released on the 17th of September, 2015.
Fukuoka Extreme 1
The update adds the Fukuoka Urban Expressway extreme course, as well as the Subaru BRZ, and the Toyota FT-86.
Fukuoka Extreme 2
Fukuoka in reverse is sure to be really interesting. It’s essentially a circuit like Osaka or Nagoya, but the undulating corners and huge elevation differences is sure to make for a lot of kill spot opportunities and possibly jumps. Horsepower settings will probably be the same, although there may be more uphill sections requiring a slightly higher setting.
Toyota FT-86 (ZN6)
Length: 4,240mm
Width: 1,775mm
Height: 1,300mm
Maximum Speed: 350km/h

If the BRZ and the FT-86 are the same as they are in the Japanese version, expect a couple of differences between the two. They are both the same size wise, they both have a top speed of 350km/h, which is above average, and they both have 6 gears. The FT-86 is slidey, but has better boost recovery, while the BRZ is more grippy, but has less boost recovery. Similar to the differences between the EVO 8 and 9.Subaru BRZ (ZC6)
While this is a cool update, many have lamented the fact that the BRZ and the FT-86 do not have dress up parts, while the Japanese version does. It’s slightly disappointing, especially since it’s a car that we know has full dress up on the Japanese version.

My theory is that the choice of cars for this update is in response to the demand (and popularity) for the BRZ and FT-86, while adding a new extreme course, which Japan already has. With 5DX on the way for the Japanese version, giving them the rest of the cars and content that was exclusive to the international version, I imagine that we’ll get a DX update that will add dress up to the BRZ and FT-86 as well as the Japanese content that the international version is missing, like C2 and the Maxi G system.

Keep in mind that the development team for the international version (and even the Japanese version) is actually quite small, and deploying content worldwide takes time. Deploying content to a single country is much easier, especially since its the country of origin.

Back in the days of WMMT3, you had to wait for a major update to get anything new because the machines weren’t connected to the internet, and it was harder and took longer to deploy software to arcades. Sure you got small revisions for bug fixes and stuff, but now the revisions have the opportunity to add small bits of content like this one.

So I say to those who are disappointed with the lack of dress up on the BRZ and FT-86; be patient. The 3DX+ international version was in parity to the Japanese version, minus the Gemballa Porsches for licencing reasons, and the same will happen with WMMT5. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Regarding the September 17th WMMT5 International Update

  1. Ardhana Hariwidagdo

    I have several more cars to come too:
    Mazda MX5 (NA8C)
    Saturn Ion RL Quad Coupe
    Ford Focus RS ’01
    BMW M235i
    Mini Cooper S, Paceman S
    BMW M4/M3 (F82)
    1st gen BMW M3
    BMW M5 (V10)
    Mercedes C63/E63 AMG
    Mercedes S65 AMG coupe
    Mods for R35 GT-R, Viper mk2, all Bimmers
    Citroen DS3, C4, C2
    Lexus LFA, RC/IS/GS F
    Toyota Altezza (Lexus IS200 SXE10)
    Porsche Boxsters!!
    AW11 Toyota MR2 (NA 4AG)
    Please, Hondas!! (at least all the Type Rs, newer NSXs, and S2000)
    Mazda MX5 ’15
    Chevy SS ’14
    Hyundai Genesis Coupe pre-facelift
    Kia procee’d GT
    Dodge Challenger RT ’70
    older Subaru Impreza wagons
    Nissan Sil-eighty and Pulsar GTi-R (with Silvia’s SR20 engine)
    Jaguar E and F type, XFRS, XKRS, XJR, ’01 XKR
    K cars outside R2 (Suzuki Cappuccino, Honda Beat, Mazda AZ1, newer Daihatsu Copen. etc)
    Cadillac CTSV coupe ’12, ATSV, XLRV
    Ford T-Birds
    and more….

    • Myth✰

      I can pretty much guarantee that not all of those cars will ever come to Maximum Tune lol.

      Probably best to play something like Forza or Gran Turismo for a wish list like that. Licencing cars is super expensive.

      But just for fun, the cars from your list that I think will make the cut:

      Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC300)
      Nissan Stagea 260RS
      Mazda RX3
      BMW M3 (E92)
      Chevy Camaro ’96-’99
      Chevy Corvette ’63
      BMW Z4
      Mercedes 500E

      and the Ford GT wasn’t on your list, but I reckon that’ll come too, because Namco has a licence to it.

      Honda I think will never come because they don’t licence their cars to any game without closed courses.

  2. MightyWolf029

    Myogi is right here. People should just accept the decision made by NBGI. To tell you the truth, I’m fine even if the 86 and the BRZ doesn’t have DU parts. I, too got stoked about this but I’m deffo’ sure that DU parts for the newly added cars will be included in 5DX.

    • Myth✰

      It would be a waste of content they’ve already made to not include it. But hey, new cars and new content is never a bad thing. Thanks for reading.

  3. Ardhana Hariwidagdo

    Please put further cars and tracks!! Not only the BRZ and the 86, put these cars:
    Toyota Soarer (Lexus SC300)
    Nissan Stagea 260RS
    Mazda RX3
    1st ’97 and ’02 Mitsubishi Eclipses
    BMW M3 (E92)
    Chevy Camaro ’96-’99
    Chevy Corvette ’63
    BMW Z4
    Mercedes 500E
    Newer Dodge cars (SRT Viper (Viper mk3), Dart, Challenger), SRT4, Charger RT ’69 (Dom charger))
    ITALIAN EXOTICS!! (Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, etc)
    Mercedes SLR McLaren
    Renaultsport Clio V6
    Renault Megane RS 265
    Renault 5 Turbo
    Chevy Cobalt SS (Turbo)
    Saturn Sky
    Ford Focus RS ’14
    Ford Mustang ’98
    TVRs (Griffiths, Tuscans, T350Cs, etc)
    Aston Martins (DB7-9, Vanquish, James Bond DB5)
    Peugeots (207 GTI, 206 RC, 406, RCZ)

  4. MyogiWarrior34

    I find it funny how a lot of players demand so much and not considering the points you have marked. Not to mention how they ALWAYS kept on comparing it to the Japanese version. NBGI themselves already stated that by Maxi 5 and beyond, WMMT5 JP and WMMT5 International will be treated as two different platforms of the same game. If they could just accept things for now and hope for the better rather than just go “aw” “it sucks not having DU” or “not worth because no DU parts”, etc. or whichever whine they could make along the way, every single time.


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